You might be asking, "Why are these beautiful quilts so expensive?"
Transparency is important to us here at FIRST SHELTER,
so please follow along as we walk you through our costing exercise.



Our main fabric and our batting is 100% organic cotton. This is important to us because our quilts will spend lots of time cuddled up next to people's bodies, hopefully. It's also important because cotton is considered one of the "dirtiest" crops to grow due to heavy use of insecticides. We also use organic cotton labels and recycled hangtags.


We firmly believe that the best way to get the world to a healthier place is to vote with your dollars. If consumers demand goods made with organic fabrics, suppliers will devote more of their resources to producing organic materials.


organic cotton poplin: made in India

finish: hand dyed in San Diego, CA, USA using low-impact dyes and low water volume.

organic cotton batting: made in Texas, USA


We make all of our quilts in San Diego, CA, because we believe in employing our neighbors. We believe in being close to production to troubleshoot and to create the best product possible. Our goal is to eventually use only made in USA materials for every component of our quilts.


We believe in paying a fair wage for great craftsmanship. While we make every effort to build our quilts as efficiently as possible, each one is unique and takes hours to create. Our labor costs cover hand-dyeing, cutting, sewing, assembling, quilting, and hand-sewing the quilt binding.


We want to follow in the footsteps of companies like Honest By Bruno Pieters and Nudie Jeans, and discuss our pricing openly. Our total price depends on the complexity and size of the quilt. Our total materials cost for a square size or throw size quilt is between $37 and $46, and our total labor cost is between $132 and $210.


Our wholesale markup is 2 times materials plus labor, and this is to cover development costs and overhead. Our average retail markup is 2 times wholesale to cover our retail partners' overhead and profit.