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FIRST SHELTER was founded by Christy Nelson in 2014 to satisfy her itch to create. Christy grew up in Texas and Louisiana and comes from a long line of Southern crafters. A strong desire to be just like her quilting momma led her to make her first quilt top at 5 years old with a plastic needle, yarn and paper towels.


After several ambitious hand-dyed quilting projects and a move to San Diego, California, Christy began creating quilts for the new babies entering her life.


An apparel designer by trade, Christy enjoys exploring the world of products built to last a lifetime and production that is easy on the environment. A modern design sensibility combines with organic, hand-dyed materials to become the building blocks of FIRST SHELTER. The brand is a culmination of years spent obsessing over how to create product in a way that is sustainable and fulfilling to both the maker and the customer.


Every quilt is created in San Diego, California. Christy tucks her own son in under his handmade quilt every night.

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